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Because our purpose built equipment [£8k each] allows us to view when your fuel system is completely empty [unlike other van mounted equipment on the market].
Vehicle fuel gauges are not an accurate measure of when your fuel system is completely empty.

When your e.c.u [electronic control unit] detects something semi-seriously wrong it enters into “limp home” mode which means that the engine won’t rev beyond a pre-programmed speed and won’t let you accelerate very fast or may indeed limit you to a low speed.

No all our vehicles carry engine management / vehicle electronics software to reset all fault codes.
This is as important as draining out the incorrect fuel as your vehicle will be in “limp home” mode!

No, during our process the filter is cleaned and flushed through.

In our experience 99% of the time you will not have sustained any serious damage. Once we have carried out our service your vehicle will be back to normal.
In the unlikely event that you have sustained serious damage and it won’t restart then you will not be charged!

Don’t worry, if we can’t restart your car you will not have to pay any charges.